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We are based in Edmonton, Alberta and serve clients in the Greater Edmonton Area. Our focus is on residential and recreational homes of all budgets and sizes. We invite you to check out our biographies to learn more about us, as well as our portfolio to see some of our past and current projects.  But please, be patient – we’re so busy building homes that our website is still under construction.

The best way to reach us is to give us a call!

Keith’s direct line is 780.288.7171.  Please feel free to call any time.  If he doesn’t answer, he’ll call you right back.

You can also email us:

Our general mailbox is  This is the best place to send general questions, observations, web issues, and so forth.

Or, you can reach Keith directly at  If you are interested in learning more about building your dream home, then this is the guy to talk to.

We hope to hear from you soon!