Meet your builder

Kraft Custom Homes was officially started in 2017, but we’re not a new company.  After building several projects, we just decided it was time to throw all-in and make it official!

CarlingStiksmaPhoto-20Our principal is Keith Hayne.  Keith started out as a journeyman machinist and welder.  That makes him a hands-on guy with meticulous attention to detail.  After working in shops for years, he started his own successful company selling supplies and machines to that industry.  However, in 2014 he got itchy feet, sold the company and set out on a new adventure of building his own dream home and now is helping you build yours.

Keith loves to teach, which makes him a great partner to build your home.  That also means that his three children know how to use all types of power tools and can measure within 1/64 of an inch!

Keith’s role is primarily as general contractor.  He is there to advise you as you make decisions about your home.  He selects your trades who will perform premium work within your budget.  He will be your eyes and ears on-site, making sure everything goes according to plan.  And when necessary, he’ll put on his tool belt to get the job done!

When he’s not building your home, Keith is probably coaching hockey, playing hockey or cheering on a kid’s soccer game.  He enjoys time on the boat, campfires at the lake and refuses to toast or eat marshmallows.